Multilingual: Infoblocks in different languages

The new Bitrix Multilingual module provides the ability to store content in one infoblock in different languages!
Битрикс Multilingual: Infoblocks in different languages
Multilingual: Infoblocks in different languages (modulemarket.translator) - Модуль Битрикс
Multilingual: Infoblocks in different languages (modulemarket.translator) - Модуль Битрикс
Multilingual: Infoblocks in different languages (modulemarket.translator) - Модуль Битрикс
Multilingual: Infoblocks in different languages (modulemarket.translator) - Модуль Битрикс
Multilingual: Infoblocks in different languages (modulemarket.translator) - Модуль Битрикс
Multilingual: Infoblocks in different languages (modulemarket.translator) - Модуль Битрикс

One module - many sites!

A unique Bitrix solution that allows you to easily manage one website in different languages.
You'll quickly launch a multilingual project and expand your audience by reaching new markets and opportunities.

One module - many sites!

A unique Bitrix solution that allows you to easily manage one site in different languages.
You will quickly launch a multilingual project and be able to expand your audience by reaching new markets and opportunities.

Multilingual product card
Multilingual product card
Many languages
Many languages
Standard switching
Standard switching
No restrictions
No restrictions

Google Cloud Translation API - feel the power of technology!

Automatic translation of content through integration with the Google Translation API . When creating a new element or loading information, the module automatically requests a translation and adds it to the corresponding language variant. This greatly simplifies the process of creating multilingual content and saves time on manual translations.

Deepl Neural Networks - the power of neural networks!

Automatic translation of content is carried out through integration with Deepl Neural Networks, an advanced system built on the basis of deep neural networks.

Launch your project with ease!

Our amazing module requires a minimum of settings -
you will be able to deploy an additional site in another language
in just a few moments.

Install the module without wasting time on settings
Copy the necessary sections to the language version of the site
Submit translations in the desired language

Open the world of languages! An unlimited number of possibilities.

No matter how multilingual you want your site to be, our module is capable of supporting any number of languages you need. Translate content into any language of the world, reach new audiences and expand your capabilities.

Scale around the world!

Imagine being able to reach customers from all over the world, communicate with them in their native language and offer personalized content. Unlimited language options will help you turn your project into a global force that will attract and impress audiences around the world.

1C Enterprise: A single catalog on multilingual sites.

Our multilingual module provides the privilege of creating a single catalog on multilingual sites using data from the 1C Enterprise system. You will be able to centrally manage the catalog of goods or services, as well as flexibly configure the language versions of goods, including names, descriptions, characteristics and other attributes.

Centralized management of a single directory
Centralized management of a single directory
Integration support
Integration support
Licenses already issued:

Components in a module

At the moment, the module works with translations in such complex components as the catalog, news, catalog menu and shopping cart, thus covering the basic needs for translations on the site. The number of supported modules is constantly growing. Priority is given to the main components of Bitrix, which are most often used on websites.

  1. bitrix:catalog.element
  2. bitrix:catalog.products.viewed
  3. bitrix:catalog.section
  4. bitrix:catalog.section.list
  7. bitrix:menu.sections
  8. bitrix:news.detail
  9. bitrix:news.index
  10. bitrix:news.list
  11. bitrix:sale.basket.basket
  12. bitrix:sale.order.ajax
  14. bitrix:breadcrumb
  16. bitrix:search.title

The most common headache for Bitrix site owners is its multilingualism. A corporate website for different countries is the most common but not the most difficult. Multilingual media, online stores and intranet portals are created much less frequently. Here the situation is much more complicated.

It's good when the content is different for each language version of the site. But, basically, the content will be duplicated and differ only in the language in which it is provided. Out of the box, Bitrix only partially provides us with tools to solve the problem. If we can also translate interface elements into any language using the Localization module, where all translations are stored in arrays in the language files of components and component templates, then it is much more difficult with infoblocks. This problem is especially relevant for a product catalog, which can be downloaded, for example, from 1C.

And this is where experiments with multilingual site begin. Each programmer resorts to some simple tricks that do not solve the problem globally. To display a page in another language, they begin to write crutch solutions that pile up one on top of the other during the development process. And still, in the end, we do not see the full picture of the solution.

Solutions vary. Some try to duplicate infoblocks, others create duplicate properties for each language inside existing infoblocks. There are even worse cases when creating translation automation through the translator services API. All this gives rise to endless customization of components and their templates. The real hell for the site owner.

Our Multilingual module will help solve the problem of multilingual infoblocks. After all, everything is done easily and simply in it. It is enough to install the translation module, specify the default language and that's it! The content manager only needs to switch the language in the admin panel, and refill the data in the language he needs.

What the translation module can do.

The Bitrix multilingual module is currently able to translate the following entities:

  • infoblock fields

  • section fields

  • fields and properties of infoblock elements

  • infoblock element property values

IPROPERTY_VALUES in different languages!

The module also provides the ability to translate the SEO fields of infoblocks and their sections and elements. And all this does not affect performance! For example, I will show you performance measurements of one and the pages of my site in different languages. The picture below shows that the bitrix:news.list component on the version with translation into English worked with such results for 0.0327 sec; Queries: 87 (0.0055 sec), and the same Bitrix news list component on the original version without translation worked with the same results in 0.0326 s; Requests: 87 (0.0054 s).

We have solved the main problems of multilingualism. The translation module will be constantly developed, optimized and enriched with its functionality. And there will be no performance problems during translation, as you can see on the screenshots above!

Order implementation from us, and we will provide you with professional certified content managers who will help you translate your Bitrix site into the languages you need.

The main advantages of the module

  • There is no limit on the number of languages used
  • Quick installation
  • Doesn't load the system at all.
  • Requires no changes to component templates
  • Easily integrated into custom components
file_download Download Module Market
file_download Download Module Market