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Foxtam Controls is a UK company specializing in the manufacture and development of low voltage control and measurement equipment. Their products include electronic timers, time relays, sensors, power supplies, circuit breakers and much more. The company provides comprehensive solutions for various industries such as water industry, transportation, telecommunications and process control.

To expand its presence in the Kazakhstan market and improve accessibility for users, it was decided to introduce support for Kazakh and English languages on the Foxtam Controls website. The site development team independently took on this project, which is an excellent example for other companies wishing to implement multilingualism.

Introduction of multilingualism

The process of introducing multilingualism included the following stages:

  1. Analysis and planning: The developers analyzed the site structure, identified all the text elements that needed to be translated, and created a plan for their integration into the multilingual system.
  2. Technical implementation: Language files for Kazakh and English were created, and mechanisms for dynamic switching between languages were introduced. This made it possible to correctly display content in the language selected by the user.
  3. Testing : The team conducted thorough testing of the site in all supported languages to ensure that all functions work correctly and there are no errors.


Now the Foxtam Controls website is available in Kazakh and English , which has significantly expanded its audience and improved interaction with clients from Kazakhstan and other countries. This project demonstrated that even complex multilingual implementation tasks can be successfully completed in-house, given the appropriate experience and resources.

We recommend that any business looking to make their website multilingual take a cue from Foxtam Controls and use best practices to improve the user experience.

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