Online store of goods for sports, tourism and children's goods

Development: Online store of goods for sports, tourism and children's goods on Bitrix
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Advantages of this work:

Our team successfully implemented a project to adapt the online store using a multilingual module for the Bitrix platform in just 2 days (over the weekend). This is a significant advantage, as it allowed the client to quickly expand its audience and increase the availability of its products to many potential buyers.

Completed work:

During the project, we successfully added the Russian language to the site and adapted all components and component templates for a multilingual version. In addition, our team coped with the adaptation of the multilingual module, which previously worked with an outdated version of the Bitrix platform. This required additional effort, but we successfully completed the task.


Our client’s plans include adding English and Polish versions of the site. This will allow the store to attract even more international customers and increase sales outside its home market.


The result exceeded the client's expectations. He expressed his complete satisfaction with the work of our team and noted the multilingual module for its simplicity and speed of implementation. Now is ready to conquer new markets and provide its product range in several languages, which makes it competitive on the world stage. We are proud of this project and are ready for new challenges in the field of web development!

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