Go to site is an online store specializing in the sale of quality yarn, knitting accessories, hooks and knitting needles. The store offers a wide range of products, including a variety of yarns, knitting patterns and knitting tools, catering to the needs of both beginners and experienced knitters. The store also features unique knitting patterns and tools that help you create real masterpieces.

To ensure site accessibility for French-speaking clients, our team has successfully implemented French language support. Thanks to previous experience working with the selected website template, there were no significant difficulties in implementing a multilingual system. Since the team was already familiar with the structure and code of this template, the process of adaptation to support multiple languages was quite easy and fast. This allowed us to use already established methods and solutions, as well as extract maximum benefit from the functionality provided by the selected template.

We started by analyzing the site structure and identifying all text phrases that required translation. Then, using an add-on module, all language files were easily translated for the administrative interface, public components and templates. This process significantly speeded up the adaptation of the site to multilingual needs, allowing us to focus on other important aspects of the project.

During the development process, we actively interacted with the site developers, answering many of their questions. This dialogue allowed them to better understand the operating principles of our multilingual module and learn how to independently adapt the site for its use. Thanks to this collaboration, the developers were able to effectively implement the necessary changes and even expand the functionality of the site, which ultimately led to an improved user experience.

After the developers mastered the methods of adapting the site to our multilingual module, they were able to independently implement the German version on the site. Using the knowledge gained, they translated the necessary texts and configured the module to support the new language. This experience demonstrates not only their ability to learn independently, but also the flexibility and efficiency of our module, which allows users to quickly and easily add and manage different language versions of the site.

Results and recommendations

Thanks to our help, the website is now available in French, which has significantly expanded its audience and improved interaction with customers. When multilingualism was first introduced on the site, a French version was added, and then the developers independently implemented the German version. We are proud of the results of our work and recommend that anyone who strives for multilingualism on their website take advantage of our services and examples of successful implementation.

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