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Miele Kazakhstan, the official online store of premium household appliances, presents world-class products, providing high quality service and the latest innovative technologies. The store's assortment includes a wide selection of household appliances, including washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and vacuum cleaners, as well as accessories and spare parts for appliances. Miele is renowned for its standards of reliability, performance and energy efficiency, making it one of the leading premium brands on the market.

To meet the needs of the Kazakh-speaking audience, the Miele Kazakhstan online store needed to introduce support for the Kazakh language. This was a difficult task, since the original site template did not use language files, and all text phrases were hardcoded into HTML and JavaScript code. We worked in close cooperation with Kazakh site developers on the Bitrix platform, who turned out to be extremely responsive and always in touch, which greatly simplified the implementation process.

The work began with a detailed analysis of the site structure and identification of all text elements that required translation. We then created a new language framework that allowed text to be dynamically replaced based on the user's chosen language. We also trained site developers on how to work with language files and answered many of their questions during several Zoom conferences. This approach ensured a smooth transition to multilingualism and improved the user experience for Kazakh-speaking customers.

Now the website supports the Kazakh language along with Russian, which makes it accessible to a wider audience. This decision not only improved the usability of the site, but also strengthened Miele's position in the Kazakhstan market, demonstrating the company's commitment to meeting the needs of all its customers.

We were glad to cooperate with the development team from Kazakhstan and are proud of the results achieved together. We recommend that anyone who strives for multilingualism on their website take advantage of our services and integrate support for multiple languages to improve user experience.

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