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The Prestige company is a leading manufacturer of wedding dresses in Moscow and the Moscow region, operating under the Veronicaiko brand. The site is a showcase of their collections, offering a wide range of dresses in different styles and sizes, from classic to modern. Every year the company releases several new collections that reflect global trends in wedding fashion. Dresses are made using the best fabrics and decoration, which guarantees high quality and exquisite design ( Wedding dresses wholesale - Prestige )​​ ( Wedding dresses wholesale - Prestige )​.

The company successfully operates not only in the Russian market, but also abroad, which required adapting the website for an international audience. To achieve this, it was decided to translate the site into several languages ​​to make it accessible to clients from different countries.

Introduction of multilingualism

In the process of introducing multilingualism on the website, our team carried out a number of key events:

  1. Template adaptation: First of all, we adapted a complex custom website template to support multiple languages. This included translating the interface and all content into English, Portuguese and Spanish.

  2. Integration and configuration: We have integrated and configured a multilingual system so that users can easily switch between language versions of the site. This ensured that content was displayed correctly in all supported languages.

  3. Cooperation with developers: Throughout the entire implementation process, we actively interacted with the developers of the multilingual module. We held several Zoom conferences where we discussed the main aspects of working with multilingualism, answered questions and shared experiences.

  4. Testing and optimization: After implementing all the necessary changes, we thoroughly tested the site in all language versions. This helped identify and resolve potential issues, ensuring users had seamless access to information in their own language.

Results and recommendations

As a result of the introduction of multilingualism, the P restigewedding website is now available in Russian , English , Portuguese and Spanish . This has significantly expanded the audience of the site, making it accessible to customers from various countries, which, in turn, helps to increase sales and increase awareness of the Prestige brand internationally.

We encourage companies looking to expand internationally to take a page from P restigewedding and leverage multilingual capabilities to become more competitive in the global marketplace. The introduction of multilingualism using proven solutions and close cooperation with developers will help achieve high quality and efficiency of the project.

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