Nova Post delivery service for Bitrix: Module from Proger for efficient delivery in your store

Optimize delivery in your online store on Bitrix with the powerful module “Nova Post Delivery Service” from Proger. Automate the creation of express invoices, provide a choice of warehouse and address, and calculate delivery costs. Installation is quick and setup is easy. Improve your customer experience now!

Modern online stores on the Bitrix platform strive to provide customers with maximum convenience, from the moment they select products to receiving their order. An important element of a successful strategy is the efficient and automated system of the Nova Post Delivery Service. In this context, the Nova Post Delivery Service module from Proger becomes a key tool for optimizing processes.

Main functions:

Automatic creation of express invoices: The module automates the creation of invoices, speeding up order processing and reducing the risk of errors.

Создание экспресс-накладной в модуле службы доставки Нова Почта на CMS Битрикс

Selecting a warehouse/address and calculating delivery costs: Buyers select a place to receive the order, and the module calculates the delivery cost.

Integration with standard 1C-Bitrix locations: Integration of the module is easy and does not require additional fields for entering the city.

Cash on delivery and payment control: Support for cash on delivery and payment control makes the module universal.

Easy Installation and Configuration: Installation and configuration of the module requires minimal effort, making it accessible even to users with limited experience.

SMS Sending to Customers: Automatic sending of SMS with Express Bill number gives customers peace of mind and tracking of their orders.

Automatic change of express invoice (coming soon): In the near future, a function will be added to automatically change data in the express invoice when an order is changed in the control panel.

Выбор службы доставки от

The Nova Post delivery service module from Proger is a modern solution aimed at optimizing and automating delivery processes for online stores using the Bitrix CMS . Providing convenience, transparency and time savings, it helps improve customer experience, increase efficiency and maintain competitiveness in the e-commerce industry.

Visit our store and install the Bitrix module right now to make your online store even more efficient and convenient for customers.

Link to the marketplace for installing the Nova Post delivery service module

Global Horizons: International Expansion with Nova Post and Proger!

In modern business, expanding boundaries and moving to the global level becomes an important step for success. Nova Post already successfully delivers to a number of countries, from Poland to Italy, and also plans to expand its service geography, including France and Austria.

Recognizing the rapid development of international trade, do not forget about the importance of multilingualism for your online store . Proger's Multilingual Module for Bitrix CMS provides a unique opportunity to make your website international. Develop your business together with Nova Post and Proger , step by step overcome boundaries and reach new heights in global e-commerce!

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