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Discuss, teach and program our products in our telegram chat! Join Bitrix Proger Union and improve your skills with us.

We welcome all respected developers and programmers to our new telegram chat - " Bitrix Proger Union" ! This is a unique space where you can not only discuss Proger solutions, but also share experiences, learn new things and get inspired by working together in the world of development.

About Chat:

" Bitrix Proger Union " is a community of developers using a variety of products and solutions from Proger. We have gathered here to create a dynamic and creative team where every developer will find a place to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences.

Discussion Topics:

    Multilingual Solutions: In the chat we actively discuss how to create multilingual websites using various solutions from Proger. We share the secrets of effectively using multilingualism in development.

    Adaptation and Integration: We look at how to properly adapt third-party solutions and integrate them with Proger products. We discuss successful cases, best practices and possible difficulties.

    Prompts and Content Generation: We share our experience in building prompts for content generation modules. We discuss techniques for creating attractive and unique content.

Social Interaction:

"Bitrix Proger Union" is not only a place to discuss technical issues. Informal communication, exchange of ideas, wishes and impressions are also encouraged here. We create a friendly community for inspiring communication.

Join us:

Join the Bitrix Proger Union right now to work with us to create an active community of developers working with Proger products. Here everyone will find support and answers to their questions.

Telegram chat link:

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