Nova Post API 2.0

Nova Post API 2.0 module from Proger: Improving Logistics and Efficiency in Delivery
Битрикс Nova Post API 2.0
Nova Post API 2.0 (modulemarket.novaposhta) - Модуль Битрикс
Nova Post API 2.0 (modulemarket.novaposhta) - Модуль Битрикс
Nova Post API 2.0 (modulemarket.novaposhta) - Модуль Битрикс
Nova Post API 2.0 (modulemarket.novaposhta) - Модуль Битрикс
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Modern online stores strive to provide maximum comfort and convenience for their customers, including in matters of delivery. The Nova Post API 2.0 module from Proger is an innovative tool that allows you to automate the processes of creating and managing express invoices, as well as increase the efficiency of interaction with delivery through Nova Post .

Main functions

Automatic creation of express invoices

Forget about manually creating invoices. The module automatically creates express invoices when placing an order, filling in all the necessary fields for shipment. This significantly speeds up the order processing process and reduces the risk of errors.

Selecting a warehouse/address and calculating delivery costs

Buyers are given the choice of where to receive their order: at the warehouse or at the specified address. The module also calculates shipping costs, providing transparency and predictability to customers. Additionally, it is possible to set up “Free delivery” from a certain order amount.

Integration with standard 1C-Bitrix locations

The module integrates seamlessly with standard 1C-Bitrix locations and does not require additional fields for entering the city. This greatly simplifies the installation and configuration process.

Cash on delivery and payment control

Support for cash on delivery and payment control makes the module universal. Buyers can calculate an estimated cash on delivery cost when ordering, and sellers have the option to automatically add a percentage to the shipping cost when using the cash on delivery service.

Easy installation and setup

Installing and configuring the module requires minimal effort, making it accessible even to users with limited experience. The module is intuitive, which significantly reduces the time required for its implementation.

Sending SMS to clients

Automatically sending an SMS with the express invoice number once it is generated gives customers peace of mind and real-time tracking of their orders.

Auto change express invoice (coming soon)

In the near future, a function will be added to automatically change data in the express invoice when an order is changed in the control panel. This will increase the flexibility of the system and ensure data accuracy at every stage of delivery.


The Nova Post API 2.0 module from Proger is a modern solution aimed at optimizing and automating delivery processes. It provides a wide range of features, providing convenience and transparency for customers, as well as saving time and resources for online stores. With it, companies can improve service quality, increase efficiency, and remain competitive in the e-commerce industry.

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