Dear users of our site,

We have received an important notice from Monobank that may impact your business, especially if you use payment systems on your website. Monobank announced that their Internet acquiring now has a new name - "plata" . This decision was made in order to avoid misunderstandings among customers.

Updating the name not only affects you as a user, but can also impact how you present payment options on your site. Now is the time to understand how this update affects you and what you can do to adapt.

How does this affect your business?

New Name, New Features: Changing the name from "monopay" to "plata" can create greater clarity among your audience. A new name can create a new association, allowing customers to more clearly understand what payment options are available on your site.

Simplified Rules: Along with the name change, Monobank also updated the rules for adding payment buttons to the site. Now it is important to name the button specifically, without indicating the name of the acquiring company, in order to avoid confusion among clients.

Expansion Opportunities: Think about what other payment options you can implement with Monobank . For example, our modules for Bitrix , such as " MonoBank - payment in installments " and " MonoBank Acquiring " , can provide easy receipt of payments directly on your website.

What to do next?

If your website uses payment via Monobank , then you should:
  • Check what you call the payment buttons on your site. They must be clear and understandable to customers.
  • Consider expanding your payment options with Bitrix modules to provide greater flexibility and convenience for your customers.

We are confident that these changes will bring only positive results for your business.

1 April 2024 (Boudybuilder) Виталий Фантич

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