MonoBank QR cash register: Simple and Convenient Payment Method

Find out how to use the MonoBank QR cash register for efficient payments. For sellers and buyers - a simple and convenient payment method.

To the seller:

  1. Placement of QR cash register: Installing a QR cash register at the point of sale is easy. MonoBank will deliver it via Nova Poshta.
  2. Filling out information: Enter the purchase amount and, if necessary, add the purpose of payment.
  3. Receiving payment: After receiving payment, hand over the goods to the buyer.

This method is ideal for:

  • Small offline points of sale.
  • Medium-sized retail stores.

To the buyer:

  1. Scan a QR code or follow a link. To start paying, you just need to scan the QR code at the checkout or follow the link provided.
  2. Selecting a payment method: Pay for your purchase using Mono Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay or enter your card details.
  3. Receive your purchase. Done, you have successfully paid for your purchase and can now pick up the goods.

Additional features:

  • Self-service mode: The buyer enters the purchase amount independently.
  • Integration via expirenza by mono: Connect your reverse system (Poster, Syrve, Smarttouch, Servio, Rkeeper) to automate the payment process.

To receive payments on your sites, do not forget to use our module . MonoBank QR cash register makes the payment process simple and effective for both sellers and buyers. Take advantage of this modern method for your business and simplify the payment process.

17 October 2023 (Boudybuilder) Виталий Фантич

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