B24: Catering - Integrated solution for the food industry in Bitrix24 (calculation of dishes, accounting of ingredients)

An indispensable tool for restaurants, cafes, canteens and other catering establishments seeking to increase efficiency and competitiveness in the market.
Битрикс B24: Catering - Integrated solution for the food industry in Bitrix24 (calculation of dishes, accounting of ingredients)
B24: Catering - Integrated solution for the food industry in Bitrix24 (calculation of dishes, accounting of ingredients) ( - Модуль Битрикс

The "B24: Catering" module is a highly effective comprehensive solution specifically designed for the catering industry in the Bitrix24 ecosystem. This innovative tool aims to provide complete control and effective management of all aspects of the operation of catering enterprises, from accurate calculation of the cost of dishes to analysis of profit from their sale.

Main functions:

  1. Calculation of dishes: The module allows you to make accurate calculations of the cost of dishes based on the cost of ingredients. Users can easily determine the cost of each dish, which allows them to optimize pricing policies and increase enterprise profitability.
  2. Write-off of ingredients when posting a finished dish: The module automatically writes off the ingredients used when preparing a dish from inventory, ensuring up-to-date and accurate management of the remaining ingredients in the warehouse. This significantly reduces the risk of shortages or excesses of ingredients and allows you to plan purchases effectively.
  3. Meal configuration: Users can easily create and customize the composition of dishes, including specifying the ingredients, their quantities and proportions. This allows the menu to be tailored to the needs of customers, taking into account their preferences, allergies and dietary restrictions.
  4. Calculation of the cost of a dish from the ingredients used: The module automatically calculates the cost of each dish based on the ingredients actually used, taking into account their cost and quantity. This allows you to more accurately determine the prices of dishes and manage the financial flows of the enterprise.
  5. Calculation of the profit of a ready-made dish: By analyzing the cost and selling price, the module calculates the profit of each dish, which helps to optimize the assortment, identify the most profitable positions and make informed management decisions.

Advantages of the module:

  • Improving the management efficiency of a public catering enterprise.
  • Optimization of the process of calculating dishes and managing ingredients.
  • Improved financial transparency and cost control.
  • Maximizing profits and optimizing the company’s assortment.

Mobile application Bitrix24 + Public catering

Speed up order processing, minimize errors, increase profitability, improve interaction with customers and optimize staff work - all this is possible with the B24: Catering mobile application. Track key metrics, set tasks, track progress, set goals, send personalized offers, manage orders and customer reviews - all in one convenient application, available on your mobile device! Manage your restaurant, cafe or bar with ease and efficiency!

Simplified web interface for order and warehouse management

In collaboration with a certified Bitrix24 partner, BXPROGER.COM, a simplified web interface for order and warehouse management was created.

This interface:

  • Convenient and Easy to Use: Managers can easily and quickly perform all necessary operations such as receiving orders, processing orders, tracking order status, warehouse management and much more.
  • Adapted for mobile devices and tablets: Managers can work with the interface from any device, be it a computer, phone or tablet.
  • Improves work efficiency: The interface helps managers save time and effort, resulting in increased work efficiency.
  • Improves customer interactions: Managers can process customer orders faster and more accurately, resulting in improved customer interactions.

Here are some of the main features of the simplified web interface:

  • Taking Orders: Managers can take orders from customers by phone, email, or website.
  • Order processing: Managers can view orders, track their status, print invoices and delivery notes.
  • Warehouse Management: Managers can track product inventory, order new products, and create inventory reports.

Use all the functionality of Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive platform for business management that offers a wide range of functions in addition to the B24: Catering module.

The Bitrix24 web interface is a convenient and intuitive tool that allows you to manage all aspects of your business from anywhere in the world.

With Bitrix24 you can:

  • Manage tasks and projects: Set tasks for yourself and your employees, track their completion, set goals and control deadlines.
  • Collaborate on documents: Create, edit and share documents with your colleagues.
  • Communicate with customers: Send emails, call and chat with customers.
  • Manage CRM: Store customer information, track their interactions with your business, and create sales funnels.
  • Analyze data: Access key reports on your business performance and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Bitrix24 is a powerful tool that can help you increase the efficiency of your business, improve customer interaction and increase profits.

In addition to the "B24: Catering" module, Bitrix24 offers many other modules that may be useful for your business, for example:

  • "CRM Marketing" module: Automate marketing campaigns, track their effectiveness and generate more leads.
  • Module "Bitrix24.Disk": Store and share files with your colleagues.
  • Module "Bitrix24.Calendar": Plan meetings, events and tasks.
  • Module "Bitrix24.Contact Center": Manage incoming calls, emails and chats.

Bitrix24 is a flexible platform that can be adapted to the needs of any business.

In addition, our website offers other modules that significantly expand the functionality and competitiveness of your catering business. Modules for integration with popular food delivery marketplaces, such as Glovo Food, Go Food from Gojek, Grab Food, Maxim Food, allow you not only to upload your menu to these platforms, but also to automate the process of receiving orders and processing them. This greatly simplifies customer interaction and increases your reach in the food service market.

Our module is already successfully used in our projects

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