Receiving onCustomEvent events to customize the Bitrix 24 interface

Paste this script into the console
let originalBxOnCustomEvent = BX.onCustomEvent;

BX.onCustomEvent = function (eventObject, eventName, eventParams, secureParams) {

    let logData = {
        eventObject: eventObject,
        eventName: eventName,
        eventParams: eventParams,
        eventParamsClassNames: [],
        secureParams: secureParams

    for (var i in eventParams) {
        let param = eventParams [i];
        if (param !== null && typeof param == 'object' && param.constructor) {
        } else {


    originalBxOnCustomEvent.apply(null, [eventObject, eventName, eventParams, secureParams]);
After which all events that are called, for example, when a button is clicked, will be logged!
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